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Vortragsreihe EthikForum "Public Health Ethics"

07. November 2017 bis 11. Februar 2018 | dienstags 18 Uhr c.t. | MKE | Raum M210

In diesem Semester beschäftigt sich das Ethikforum mit dem Thema "Public Health Ethics - Health in a Just Society".

Public health policy and interventions have a long history in shaping the environment we live in. They are defined by social norms and regulatory bodies in order to provide the conditions for health and well-being. Increasingly, the ethical dimensions of public health interventions are discovered and discussed in academia: Which topics are of relevance from an ethical perspective and why? What are the philosophical foundations of public health? What is the relation of justice and public health, and what are the implications? How should a fruitful exchange between philosophical theory and practice-oriented policy and interventions be designed? In this lecture series, leading public health ethicists take up philosophical questions of public health, focusing on novel and topical themes.

07.11.2017 Heather Widdows
(University of Birmingham, UK)
The Neglected Harms of Beauty
12.12.2017 Simon Keller
(Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand/Visiting Fellow am Center for Advanced Studies LMU)
A Right to Mental Health
09.01.2018 Angus Dawson
(University of Sydney, Australia)
Ecological Ethics
30.01.2018 Eszter Kollár
(KU Leuven, BE)
Three Pictures of Global Health Justice
06.02.2018 Christian Munthe
(University of Gothenburg, SE)
How Drug Resistance Challenges Medical Ethics

 Co-funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (HE 6864/2-1)