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Workshop: The Ethics of Overdiagnosis in Medicine

20 April 2018 | 10.00-12.00 | Institute of Ethics, History and Theory of Medicine (LMU) | Lessingstr. 2 München

Institute of Ethics, History and Theory of Medicine

Overdiagnosis happens when people are diagnosed with a condition that usually leads to harm to this person (e.g. increased morbidity, mortality), but that in this particular patient, would not have done so. Overdiagnosis thus can harm persons in a very different way than the diagnosed condition would have, it can cause psychological stress and unnecessary treatment.
The workshop will focus on ethical issues, including the potential impact of normalised overdiagnosing practices, or the risk of redirecting healthcare resources away from effective interventions and towards ineffective interventions.

Registration: The workshop is free for all interested persons. Please register by email to mke@lmu.de

For more information please see attached file.