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Fortgeschrittenenseminar/Essaykurs: "The ethics of immigration. The current debate."

08. Mai 2017 bis 24. Juli 2017 | jeweils montags von 14-16.00 Uhr | MKE | Raum M210

International migration is a defining topic of our time for large numbers of people, globally, are on the move. Currently, the global migrant population is estimated to be around 250 million people, including – according to UNHCR data from 2015 – some 65 million people throughout the world who had been uprooted from their homes by conflict and persecution. Some 20 million of these persons are refugees, i.e. they have crossed a border and received official refugee status from a state or the UN.
In this advanced seminar and essay course participants will become familiar with the current debate about migration in political philosophy, with a particular focus on the case of immigration. We will read recent influential contributions, notably by Joseph Carens and David Miller, who offer different views on questions such as: Can national borders be morally justified? Should they be open or closed? How should entry be regulated and how should those who have arrived be treated? Which role play human rights in the context of migration? What are the moral obligations of governments and institutions in this context, and which kinds of responsibility fall to the citizens in receiving countries?

Readings (selection)
Joseph Carens: The Ethics of Immigration. 
David Miller: Strangers in our Midst. The Political Philosphy of Immigration. 
Sarah Fine/Lea Ypi (eds.): Migration in Political Theory. The Ethics of Movement and Membership.