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Workshop: Injustice in Healthcare

Time: Thursday, July 18th, 10:00 am to 16:00 pm,

Place: Biocenter LMU,
Room: B 01.019

Abstract: This symposium will examine the issue of injustice in healthcare. The main focus will be on ways in which a patient can be harmed in their capacity as an epistemic subject (a knower, reasoner or questioner). The aim is to bring together philosophers, natural science and healthcare students researching this issue, together with professionals with the aim of informing future work in this important and developing research area.

Contributions by:

Lecturer Title

Georgina Mills (Tilburg University)

Diagnostic Injustice

Havi Carel (Bristol University)

Epistemic injustice, illness and
health care (online lecture)

Caroline Harnacke (Tilburg University)

Nothing about us without us":
Knowledge of disability and disabled people’s knowledge

Alistair Wardrope (University of Sheffield)

Mistaking the map for the
territory: Biomedical models and hermeneutical injustice"

Hosted by: Alfred Archer, Tilburg University/LMU


With greetings from the organizers:

LMU Munich
Münchner Kompetenzzentrum Ethik (MKE) (Monika Betzler, Alfred Archer)
MCN Munich Center for Neuroscience (Oliver Behrend, Benedikt Grothe)
GSN Graduate School of Neuroscience (Benedikt Grothe, Alexander Kaiser)
Elite Network of Bavaria
Faculty of Biology • Faculty of Medicine (Heinrich Leonhardt, Thomas Gudermann, Irini Bassios, Michael Bögle)