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MKE Write-Up Sessions

The MKE WriteUp is the ideal opportunity to get together and simply write. No procrastination, no distractions, maximum focus!

  • Setting
We use the Pomodoro methode, a time management tool for retaining high concentration by dividing working sessions into 25-minute segments with 5-minute breaks in between.


  • Goal

We also aim at creating a space for networking and exchange, e.g. during the coffee or lunch break.


  • Participation Requirements

The MKE WriteUp is primarily aimed at PhD-students and researchers at any academic stage.


  • Contact

If you are interested in joining or need more information, feel free to contact Susanne Schlee: Susanne.Schlee@lmu.de.


  • Date(s) and Location

The WriteUp usually takes place biweekly on Fridays (09:00-16:30) at the MKE (M210).