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The research group at the Munich Center for Ethics is committed to advancing philosophical reflection about moral, political and social topics of high contemporary relevance.

We engage in philosophical work about justice broadly construed, egalitarianism, social progress, human rights, and cosmopolitanism, and use theoretical knowledge for a critical engagement with complex practical challenges, such as responsibility for justice, migration and integration, environmental transformations and the ethical development and use of novel technologies.

Our methodological approach is pluralistic, analytical and interdisciplinary, and takes up impulses from the traditions of feminist philosophy and pragmatism. We ambitiously strive to deliver meaningful research contributions meeting high standards of professional scholarship and research integrity.

As a multi-national and diverse team of scholars at different levels of our academic careers, we welcome visiting researchers and enjoy collaborating, also with various national and international partners.

We believe that academic scholarship and critical reflection about issues of contemporary relevance has to play a critical and constructive role in society and can contribute to making the world a better place.